Deal Table Communication

Communication and Collaboration

Working on deals with teams is easier than ever with our chat features like Microsoft Office 365 integrated into our platform. Working on your transaction is easier than ever with our API integrations that allow you to communicate securely and proactively with the deal team. Complete your deals faster, more efficiently and all in one space.

Geo Redundancy


DealTable offers a VDR that provides solutions for any industry in need for a full online deal room collaboration platform. The DealTable platform is multi-versatile in terms of the industries we cover. Whether you are in Financial, Legal, Accounting, or even in a specific sector, we can provide exactly what you are looking for within a Virtual Data Room.

Get things done effectively, and quicker than ever.

  • World Wide Communication, security, and ease of use all add up to the most efficient user experience possible.
  • Full Microsoft Office 365 embedded editing software. Redaction, Blacklining, custom version control.
  • Security beyond measure, including GDPR, UDPR, SOC2, NIST & ISSO.