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DealTable was built to handle anything from assisting with M&A, to simple file sharing, whether that be in the Tech industry, or when working in Corporate Development, DealTable has solutions for you. Our wide variety of capabilities give you the ability to tackle problems, speed up slow processes, and collaborate as easy as ever. If you have more questions as to how DealTable can help you, feel free to contact us with the form below.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & AquisitionsM&A Deals are naturally stressful for all parties involved. From tracking progress with Reports, Alerts and Dashboards, or picking User Permissions to ensure the best and most secure workflow, DealTable allows M&A to be much easier for both the buy-side and the sell-side teams involvedWith both a Q&A tracker and a live chat functionality, communication is the easiest it has ever been within a virtual data room.Simply collaborate from either side of a deal without constantly switching from one program to the next Make Issues or Questions from either side of a deal as simple as asking a question without ever needing to close out the application.We know the importance of transparency when it comes to working with all collaborators, including current ownership, deal management or any institutional investor. DealTable provides tools from our search functions to our categorization tools to make the entire process easier for you, and whoever else is coming to the table.


Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions at Now more than ever, we see Financial Institutions making acquisitions to cut costs, increase capacity, and restructure the organization as a whole. DealTable eases the stress and difficulties found when managing these types of challenges. Find out for yourself and see exactly what you are looking for through our sophisticated feature functionalities, which are guaranteed to support and easily navigate you throughout your future transactions. We know that the protection of your confidential documents such as financial forecasts, patents, and other intellectual property is of the utmost importance. That is why our first priority in building DealTable was to ensure that we have the highest level of information security measures in place.


Real Estate

Real Estate deals can always be a challenge. Whether it is cross-border deal involving multiple parties, managing portfolios, or whatever issues you face, working with DealTable has solutions to your problems Whether it's working on a cross border deal involving multiple parties, managing portfolios across state lines, or dealing with temporary regulatory constraints, working with DealTable ensures one less headache for you and your team when closing the deal. Speed up your due diligence process. From gathering offers, monitoring documents, or even asking and answering questions, our data room has the solutions to your problems. Take advantage of the ability to gather all the documents into one place, making it easy for all parties involved to review them, or even take advantage of our advanced global search functions and tagging methods to find specific documents both easily and efficiently. Generic file sharing applications just don't provide the adequate security necessary for the sensitive data involved in your deal. That is why our world-class Information Security protocols make DealTable the premier VDR provider the next time you close on your Real Estate investment.


Law Firms Law Firms DealTable facilitates the deal-making process for Law Firms all around the globe with simplified file transfer, key organizational tools, as well as quick and easy document review made easier by our intuitive redaction feature. Through easy file sharing and our Microsoft Teams integration, collaborating with your colleagues and clients is as easy as ever. Speed up the due diligence process and help achieve your client's objectives throughout the deal. Let us help you grow your bottom line without ever jeopardizing your firm's good name. At DealTable, we always have your back.


Health Care Healt Care The Healthcare industry is when it comes to protecting client data and personal medical information. DealTable has always wanted security to be a foundation of our application, with it being something you hear about at the beginning, and never worry about. Between protecting IP or sensitive medical information, we know that with the Healthcare industry, security is essential, and we want to make sure users know that it will not be an issue using DealTable. Often in the Healthcare industry, there is the passing of valuable information back and forth, maybe between the firm and a regulator, the firm and a client, or between the firm and a R&D company. With security taken care of, DealTable offers a platform with easy file sharing back and forth, with easy ways to collaborate. Now more than ever, the Healthcare industry has become harder to navigate. Consistently faced with complex regulatory processes, as well as pressure to conduct impactful R&D, worrying about choosing a reliable VDR to safeguard your sensitive data is now a thing of the past. Partner with DealTable to ensure that your next listing, licensing, or M&A deal goes smoothly and you will have one less thing to worry about. Between protecting IP or sensitive medical information, we know that security is paramount, and our intuitive permissions, along with our world class information security certifications, guarantee your company stays HIPAA compliant throughout the entire deal process. Use our Q&A Management tool, as well as our Microsoft Teams Integration, allows for you and your team to easily communicate with all parties involved and keep track of stakeholder, client, and internal communication across the board.